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The Argument About Rubric Resume Writing Penn State University

The Argument About Rubric Resume Writing Penn State University The Rubric Resume Writing Penn State University Game If you take advantage of an excerpt, you can want to compose a succinct introduction to offer context to the reader. More to the point, you should do well to get a strong application. Last course selection has to be accepted by the students doctoral committee. The Chronicles of Rubric Resume Writing Penn State University When it has to do with selecting an master of business administration program, you would like a superior education that satisfies your requirements. Dual-title graduate degree students may require an extra semester to satisfy requirements for both areas of study and, thus, the qualifying examination could be delayed one semester beyond the standard period allowable. If you exceed their requirements, you have a superb opportunity of getting in. The GPA requirement that truly matters is the GPA you will need for a true likelihood of getting in . Paper is intriguing and holds the readers interest. Writing samples are extremely crucial in the hiring procedure, and you need to select your writing sample carefully. A comprehensive rubric for the resume are available in Canvas. The Downside Risk of Rubric Resume Writing Penn State University The universitys location among a number of the nations most beautiful countryside offers students various choices for outdoor activity. Penn States comprehensive collection of Online MBA concentrations was developed to absprache with skill gaps in the current competitive small business atmosphere. Especially during the very first year, there are numerous opportunities to fulfill new folks, and mostly everybody is friendly, making it simple to form bonds and build relationships. Even in low-crime locations, students still run the potential of encountering violence and unsafe conditions. In some cases, you will notice several listings of precisely the same majors or similar majors . fruchtwein writers incorporate the dates or semesters of attendance also. Some writers elect to talk about current work in the current tense. The rubrics below provide a guideline for how your portfolio paper is going to be assessed. Theres a lengthy discussion and a lot of examples of rubrics. Important ideas associated with the content might be ignored or inadequately explored. Brief overview article and big collection of sample online scoring guides in many disciplines. Youre expected to finish a cover letter and resume. Your submissions should stay a scholarly bit of polished work. Use action words to describe your job abilities and make each work description specific and productive. In place of or besides the true title, even a working title or an overview of the thesis contents or objective is beneficial. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Rubric Resume Writing Penn State University Packages ought to be tracked and insured. To assist you research your pre ferred program, weve provided multiple search options below. An extensive selection of additional collaborative opportunities exists University-wide. The ideal way to understand Penn State World Campus is to check at our students. The Muddiest Point is a nicht weit davon entfernt sein and easy Classroom Assessment Technique (CAT) which can be utilized in an introductory college program. Additionally, the academic experience grows more individualized as you move through the computer system. Theres no Spring Admission Cycle. Penn State World Campus provides an accessible, quality Penn State education on the internet to deal with the requirements of people who seek a greater education past the conventional campus experience. It offers a number of two-year associate degrees across Pennsylvania. It is one of the largest universities in the US. It provides students academic variety, with more than 275 majors.

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The Secret to Writing an Internship in Your Resume

The Secret to Writing an Internship in Your Resume Get the Scoop on Writing an Internship in Your Resume Before Youre Too Late Or maybe youve simply read an article about the geschftliches miteinander in the newspaper and think your profile matches their organization and you have something to offer you. Starting a digital assistant office demands minimal capital. For instance, if you are asking for a banking internship but never worked in a financial institution, think beyond the box. A personalized internship resume can help you to increase your head over the rest at a time when only the resumes are being considered, which will enable you to receive a head abflug. Applying for, used to compose a resume expert guide to learn more about the pack is vital. No matter what you do, dont place your internships at the base of your resume or in the Education section. Internships can outstanding you a leg up in regards to sample your very first job. An excellent internship resume i s tailored especially for the guide you desire. Writing a Superb CV As you are able to see, among the key advantages of a CV is its flexibility. You might start to remove internships from your resume when you start to create enough work experience in your area. Furthermore, you may want to include things like any internship experience youve got. Even in case you have internship work experience, you can collect a great resume. The Battle Over Writing an Internship in Your Resume and How to Win It Projects Give the facts of academic projects you undertook. Greatest Support It can prove easier to get an internship resume at Essay Writing Place as opposed to draft one yourself due to the simple fact that it isnt easy to understand how to do a resume, so its simple to neglect to include things, or to incorporate matters which do bedrngnis have to be there. Buy internship resume when you would like the best without needing to worry about doing it. Internships are real-world ex periences, and ought to be given as much weight for a job. Again, they are just as important to your career as a job, so you should not format them differently. You should also incorporate internships when youre starting a new career. The demand for a college internship resume, as an example, can arise when youre at your busiest with your studies, therefore it wont be absolutely the most convenient time to draft a college internship resume sample from resume writing services online as you arent going to have the opportunity to properly concentrate on it or make sure that it contains all of the information that you would like to present. Your summer work in a quick food restaurant or barman at half-time is likewise an experience. You may either target your application at a particular company, which demands a fantastic deal trojan horse case study research.

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Chris Bates - Financial Advisor Founder of Wealthful

Chris Bates - Financial Advisor Founder of Wealthful Chris Bates Financial Advisor Founder of WealthfulPosted February 5, 2019, by Jenny Chris is an Aussie with English blood and has a serious love for adventure and travel. Nothing makes him happier than seeing wildlife in the wild, and everything he values most in life is free (ironic for a guy in finance right). While hes thriving now, a career in finance welchesnt always smooth sailing, read Chris career story here...What is your current role and what does it involve?Technically, I am a Financial Adviser and Mortgage Broker but I see myself mora as an educator and coach. My role is helping people align their life and lifestyle with their finances. Inside the tin, I help people take action with financial advice to get better results with their time, energy and money.Tell us more about Wealthful and the inspiration behind starting itOne purpose, Wealthful is areally simple business. We help our clients (young families in 30s and 40s) make the right decisions and take the right steps financially to help them live a life fulfilled with True Wealth. We believe wealth is so much more than money and its everything we value around us. We have three services and I started Wealthful because I truly wanted to make a big impacton the future of young Australians. My true mission is to help countless people with sound principles they can implement to help them live more fulfilling lives. I have a long way to go but I am on the right path.Tell us about your study journeyI was always a bit conflicted with education because I always wanted to learn my way. I started to work at 14 and I have never stopped. When I finished school I went to Uni part-time but left to see the world and live in London. I have since done a number of Diplomas, a Graduate Certificate at Uni and now going to go back to finish my Masters.What was your first job and what do you think it taught you?McDonalds. It was brilliant and while I dont step ins ide there now, every kid needs to work. Working at a young age was a huge confidence boost and personally, I loved the structure that highlighted when you achieved great results. We would gamify the way we worked by setting challenges throughout the day to push ourselves. Perfect burger up in 32 seconds.What does a typical day at the office look like for you?It swaps around a lot but I do get to work out of a cool co-working space with just a backpack, thats all I have. I spend at least 30 minutes reading every newspaper, 30 minutes on LinkedIn producing content and engaging my community, the rest of the dayis spenton phone calls, between meetings, returningemails and chatting with my business partner and managing clients. I also like tokeep up my podcasts, attendevents andcatch up withothersI love to learn from.Why steps did you have to take to become a financial advisor?Back in 2007, I was in the UK and it was not right. I paid around 500 quid to do a course and I was advising cli ents within 3 months. This was one of the reasons we have some many failings in financial advice. After three months, I had no idea yet, I was giving bad advice and clearly needed more training.Whats the most interesting thing thats happened to you in your career? I have met thousands of clients and the most interesting thing is hearing their life stories. I could talk for days on my clients over the years, Ive seen and heard it all You have to genuinely like learning about people to be an advisor and my clients make me laugh every day.Name a career highlightI would say a career highlight is recently starting to see the business make aneven bigger impact on more peoples lives. Overall, I am very proud of my advice from day one, so a highlight to me is staying truly ethical and to my personal principles in an industry inherently not.Name a career lowIn years 0-5 as an adviser, I was regularly battling with the industry both in my head and vocally. It was and is hard for me to deal wi th what I saw and see. I got kicked out of the first bank for upsetting the bosses after I called out misselling of product and the second bank was the same. Everywhere I looked I was angered by what I saw. The low came when I almost quit advice altogether to follow my passion to become a safari tour guide in South Africa (I will do this one day).Name something you still dont knowFinancial advice is all about deeply understanding people, their motivations and their dreams. As I become more spiritually aware, older and wiser, I become a better adviser. I know I have so much more growth to come and its why I am so addicted to learning every single day.Whats the most important career tip someone has given you?Without doubt, it was to make sure you stick to your principles. I have always fought the fight for what I think is fair from a young age, whether it was friends bullied at school or people mistreating strangers. I cant not step in. A goodadviser once said to me, Chris dont ever l ose fighting for the principle, its what makes you, youWhat career advice do you wish someone had given you after you graduated high school?Take time to truly understand your true passions and dont be focused on getting your career locked in now. Go travel to learn about the world, others and yourself. But remember to invest in yourself every day to learn more and keep asking yourself what do you care about. Once you know that, make sure you dont follow the career that others around you want you to have. Find your own path, dont compare yourself to others and treat life as a journey, not as a destination.What are important qualities and skills should people have if they want to become a financial advisor?Genuine care for others. Enjoy conversation. Ability to think big. Feel fulfilled seeing others succeed.What is the standard salary for the field?Its hard to say. But I am confident that you will benefit financially in the long term if you invest in yourself and others.Whats next fo r you?I want to help more people. Whether its books, through courses, or hosting events I have a mission to help thousands, maybe millions and so I am investing in my knowledge so I can.Is a career in finance your calling? Get the best headstart with our range ofFinance courses Enquire now and see where it can lead you.Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage BrokingStudy modeClassroomOnlinePayment optionsPayment planUpfront paymentEnquire Online Enquire OnlineFinance ResourcesFinance manager resumeFinance manager cover letterInterested in becoming a?Human Resources OfficerBusiness ManagerOffice AdministratorManagement ConsultantOffice ManagerPopular Career Searchescareers in media and communicationscareers in disability servicescareers in dentistrycareers in child carecareers in emergency healthcareFinance CoursesDiploma of Financial PlanningEnquire Online Enquire OnlineAdvanced Diploma of Financial PlanningEnquire Online Enquire OnlineBachelor of Commerce (Accounting)Enquire Online Enquire OnlineCertificate IV Financial ServicesEnquire Online Enquire OnlineJennyRelated ArticlesBrowse moreFinanceRisky businessYou crash your car. You have emergency heart surgery. Your suitcase is stolen. Of course, these are all less-than-ideal situations but theyre all linked by an urgent need for one simple thing insurance.AccountingCAREER ADVICEFinancial career survival guideThe global financial crisis has affected nearly every industry, but few areas have been hit as hard as the banking and financial sectors.Who wants to be a millionaireIf you thought mining was the road to riches, think again - financial services are now taking over as Australias main source of millionaires.

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Investment Management Industry Overview

Investment Management Industry OverviewInvestment Management Industry OverviewThe industry controls around $64 trillion auf der ganzen weltly (having grown by roughly 10 per cent annually over the past decade) and charges clients 1.5 per cent to 2 per cent for the privilege. Hedge entdeckungs charge 2 per cent management fees and typically 20 per cent perfassonance fees.No surprise then that operating margins in the investment management industry are mora than 40 per cent, according to the Boston Consulting Group. The beauty of the industry, for its incumbents, is that as markets tend to rise over the long run their fees increase even though the cost of managing money doesnt. Overtime, according to some estimates, fund managers raise their fees by double digits, up to around 15 percent a year.The investment management industry is one of the few that broadly impact households all over the world, particularly now. As the population gets older in the core European Union countries, the old-age dependency rate is set to rise from 21 percent now to 50 percent in 2050 and pension deficits have increased, mora people than ever are planning for their future financial needs. As a result, the industry is increasingly visible. Investment management has become an increasingly important part of the financial services industry in Europe. London, for example, is now one of the leading international centres for investment management.Still growingIn Europe assets under management grew by almost 400 billion in 2007 the UK alone now accounts for around 7 percent of global assets under management, the third biggest home for managed assets behind the US and Japan. Retail fund demand has continued to increase nearly 50 million households had $24 trillion invested in retail funds as of June 2007, up from $1 trillion in 1990. Despite the credit crunch investment in alternative asset classes has also shot up. A survey by HedgeFund Intelligence said global hedge fund assets under manag ement reached $2.65 trillion at the beginning of 2008, a massive increase of 27 percent from the saatkorn period in 2007.But the credit crunch will biteHowever, the adverse economic conditions of recent times have caused problems for the industry. The credit crunch will lower returns in the short-term because there will be less leverage available to fund managers, not to mention the effect of the crunch on global stock markets. Many big investment banks, such as Citigroup and Merrill Lynch, were already selling off their wealth management departments before the economic downturn. As the credit crunch continues to bite and push returns lower, more big players could downsize their investment management offerings.The crunch may also bring about regulatory changes. In the US, for example, the Federal Reserve bailed out Bear Stearns because, if it failed, its entangled assets would have also brought down the edifice of modern finance. As a result harsher regulatory regimes will be introd uced to ensure fund managers cannot topple a financial system that it has taken centuries to create.The heat has also been turned up on fund managers who are making exorbitant sums amid a seriously tightening economy. While more people than ever are using food stamps in the US some asset managers, particularly hedge fund owners, are making massive profits.Even multi-multi millionaires such as Bill Gates and John McCain have criticised the super-rich for cashing in on other peoples hard-times. John Paulson, a hedge fund manager, made $3.7 billion in 2007 primarily through shorting the risky CDOs that have brought misery to so many. Paulson beat the best-known fund manager, George Soros, into second place with an annual income of $2.9 billion. In the UK alternative assets managers, particularly short-selling hedge funds, have been seriously admonished by the FSA for spreading liquidity scare-stories about UK banks.Pension reform and emergence of propertyThroughout Western Europe, pens ion reform has become a politically explosive topic - and one being watched closely by the biggest banks in London, Frankfurt and across the Atlantic on Wall Street. Several European Union countries are facing pension crises, mainly due to an ageing population. Europes state pension schemes are based on a pay-as-you-go premise, which means that money paid into the retirement plan by todays workers are passed through immediately to todays retirees. That means much more responsibility is placed on the current crop of workers to pay for a disproportionate amount of pensioners Older workers (aged 55 to 64) in the European Union are set to increase by 24 million between 2005 and 2030.And heres how investment managers might benefit in the years to come the governments plan is to strike a new model that shifts more responsibility to workers and away from state-run pension plans. Nations like France, Germany and Italy are trying to increase the retirement age as a way to encourage workers to look after their own pensions through defined contributions. Meanwhile, requirements for defined benefit contributions are being increased. As pension reforms are passed throughout Europe, those that enter the investment management industry will benefit. It is one of the reasons why investment managers, from Deutsche Bank in Germany to UBS in Switzerland, are touting a variety of investments tailored to younger investors.The show will go onInvestors will always desire yields, whether from short-term risky ventures or more secure longer-term investments. As a result, the industry can survive anything. After all, assets are always there to be managed. However, the next couple of years will be a tougher time for the industry as the risks surrounding financial markets and global economic growth remain on the downside. As a result investors, alongside other consumers, are tightening their belts to offset a drastically slowing global economy and a reduction in cheap credit while this c ontinues investors appetite for equity exposure and interest rate risk is likely to remain subdued. This will impact liquidity, meaning managers will have less cash in their funds than they have been used to over the last few years. ConsolidatingThere have already been well over 150 mergers in the investment management industry in the last 20 years. Recent consolidation activity includes the merger of BlackRock and Merrill Lynch Investment Management, buyouts of Jupiter from Commerzbank and of Gartmore from Nationwide Mutual. A further spate of consolidation is in the offing amid tough economic conditions. Experts believe institutions with low price-to-earnings ratios, or struggling with poor asset quality, will sell-off their investment management businesses to find more capital. The credit market turmoil has already sidelined some private equity deals and could lead to fire sales of distressed assets. Indeed, M&A activity within the investment management industry welches at an al l time high from January to March 2008 in terms of deal volume. In the first quarter of 2008 53 deals were announced at a cost of around $9.6 billion. The acquired assets under management totalled over $704 billion. By contrast in the same period of 2007 45 deals were announced representing $544.9 billion in acquired assets under management.Convergence The European investment management sector is currently experiencing massive convergence between traditional and alternative investment styles. Hedge funds, private equity funds and traditional asset managers are competing increasingly closely as the lines between the asset classes become blurred. Investors increasingly understand how to invest and which investments could generate higher returns in a regulated environment. Regulators have realised this and are now offering traditional asset managers new flexibility as long as investors remain protected.The search for the alpha has aided the process. Traditional asset managers have bee n buying hedge fund boutiques for some time. But now the difference between these businesses and their core investment strategies are disappearing. Long-only managers are also using regulatory devices such as UCITS III to offer hedge fund products for retail investors and other products to widen the choice for their institutional investors.Meanwhile, alternative asset managers are reaching a wider audience among investors through regulated fund vehicles and eschewing offshore domiciles of the Caribbean and the British Isles for EU member states such as Luxembourg. The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the international hedge fund industry body, recently suggested Hedge funds are now considered part of the mainstream of the investment management industry. There is even convergence among alternative assets. Private equity houses and hedge funds are frequently adopting similar investment strategies. Cheap credit, low volatility and rising equity markets encouraged hedge funds to enter the private equity market until the middle of last year.More strategically, hedge funds are increasingly ring-fencing capital for illiquid investments, similar to those made by private equity. Recently they have deployed these investments up and down the capital structure, including second lien and mezzanine debt products. Private equity houses have acquired undervalued assets and businesses through public market deals. Many experts suggest this could lead to further growth in hybrid alternative investment firms.The shift from equities to obligations to equitiesAfter the dotcom bubble burst at the turn of the millennium, equity markets became erratic as stocks were challenged by a mixture of corporate scandals and weak economic growth. As a result funds moved from equities to bonds. According to some estimates, pension funds moved 40 billion from equities to bonds in 2004. However, strong economic growth and weakening bond yields since then has instigated a shif t back to equities. But, experts suggest, investors in stocks lulled by periods of low volatility can be hit hard. As the recent economic crisis has shown, things can change quickly and even the strongest of stocks can plummet. In the UK during the 1970s the last time stagflation hit and editor of The Sun Larry Lamb immortalised 1979 as the Winter of Discontent equities on the whole performed very poorly. Then, as now, investors flocked to more secure bond funds, primarily investing in government debt as opposed to risky junk bonds.Still, bonds arent always a safe-haven in times of strife. The trick for investors, says one fund manager, is to Keep a diversified portfolio comprised of stocks and bonds. Even 100 percent safe products arent always safe, as most managers will tell you. The trick is to spread the risk.The challenge of exchange traded fundsDescribed as the Wal-mart of the business, exchange traded funds (ETF) are increasingly undermining the traditional business model of investment management funds. According to Morgan Stanley, ETFs had $74 billion in assets under management in 2000, but by 2007 this was up to $700 billion. The growth will not stop there, with Morgan Stanley estimating that $2 trillion will be invested in ETFs by 2011. And it is no surprise. Nearly anything investors believe will perform well in the future can be bought in the form of an ETF, which is a portfolio that can be bought on the stock exchange and costs much less than a traditional investment management firm. The more investors pay in charges, the less money they are likely to make according to experts. As a result, ETFs will remain extremely attractive to investors. More than just investmentMore than ever investment management companies are focusing on more than just investing. Business decisions such as marketing and distribution, global growth, and technology integration are becoming increasingly important factors in the success of investment management firms. While this Guide will focus mainly on developing a career on the investment side of the investment management industry, we will also spend some time discussing the growing alternative career opportunities relating to these non-investment business issues.

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ASME Pressure Vessels Video Thomas Pastor Medal Winner

ASME Pressure Vessels Video Thomas Pastor Medal Winner ASME Pressure Vessels Video Thomas Pastor Medal Winner Video Thomas P. Pastor, Melvin R. Green Codes & Standards Medal WinnerThomas P. Pastor is vice president of code services for HSB Global Standards and led the development of several knowledge-based databases used to provide code technical support to over 3,000 ASME certificate holders and inspectors. He formerly worked at Combustion Engineering where he was a member of the structural analysis group responsible for performing load analyses of nuclear reactor internals subject to seismic and loss-of-coolant events.An ASME fellow, he has served on the societys Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code committees. He currently serves on ASMEs Council on Standards and Certification as well being a member of the Board for Pressure Technology Codes and Standards, among others. He earned his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering at the University of Connecticut, Storrs (UConn).Lea rn more about Thomas P. Pastor and the ASME Melvin R. Green Codes Standards Medal. The copyright of this program is owned by ASME.

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37 of The Best Money-Making Apps for 2019

37 of The Best Money-Making Apps for 201937 of The Best Money-Making Apps for 2019Are you looking to make some extra money? As with almost everything else, theres an app for that. Whether youre looking for a quick,easy way to make a few extra dollarsor youd like to market your professional skills to boost your income, you can use an app to find work and get hired. Review some of the best money-making apps you can use to generate extra income. With many of them you can departure work right away, and youll be paid as soon as you complete the job. How to Get Started You may be able to apply directly on the app or you may need to register online before you can use it. Most apps haveiOS and Android versions that you can download to your device. Once youve downloaded the app from theApp StoreorGoogle Play, follow the instructions to get started. Some apps use PayPal, so youll needtoplatzsetupan account to get paid. Others will pay directly to a checking account or use another payment s ervice. Read the fine print before you register, so you know how much and when you can expect to be paid. Apps You Can Use to Make Money These are apps you can use to earn cash quickly. For some jobs, youll need a specificskill set. For others, you simply need to have the time available to complete the task. Quick GigsYou wont get rich from these apps, but you can make money quickly. How much youll earn depends on the job, and youll be paid shortly after you complete the task. BlueCrewBlueCrew provides flexible W-2 employment for hourly workers in a broad range of industries such as warehousing, logistics, e-commerce, events, delivery, and hospitality.Get the App BlueCrewEasyShiftSign up to complete simple and fast jobs at local stores. For example, taking pictures and checking promotions. Payment is by PayPal, and for most jobs, youll be paid within 24 hours. Get the App EasyShiftGigwalkGigwalkers work on jobs that take as little as a few minutes, or as long as several hours. G igs include checking product displays or product availability in retail stores. The app has a GPS feature you can use to find, complete, and report on jobs. Payment is by PayPal when each gig is completed. Get the AppGigwalk TaskRabbitTaskers do small jobs like cleaning, delivery, shopping, organizing, and running errands. Sign up online, then attend an information session where youll be instructed on downloading the app. When youre set, you will be able to view jobs in your area on the app, select the one you want, then confirm with the client. After the job is done, youll submit an invoice to get paid via direct deposit to a checking account.Note there is a $20 registration fee.Sign upBecome a TaskerWonoloAre you ready to go to work? Wonoloers work on immediate local hourly or daily jobs. Once you have signed up, open the app to get notifications of new jobs, and click to accept it. Payments are processed by Stripe, and typicallytakethreetofive days from when the job was approved. Theres a rating system, and high-rated Wonoloers have access to more job options and faster payments. Get the App Wonolo Build, Repair, and MoveIf you have a knack for fixing things, assembling furniture and other products, or helping people move, you can use an app to find jobs to work on at your convenience. Once you apply and have been approved, youll be able to select tasks that fit your schedule. Amazon Professional ServicesBellhopsDollyHandy Drive PeopleIf youve got reliable transportation andappropriate car insurance, andenjoydriving, ride-share driving is a way to make extra money during your spare time. Driving jobs have an online application process that includes abackground check, so be prepared to wait for approval to get started. UberLyftJunoWingz Shop and Make DeliveriesOne of the easiest ways to make extra money is to provide delivery services. With some apps, like Instacart and Shipt, you will shop and deliver. For others, youll pick up and deliver orders. Some ser vices will pay right away. For example, Uber drivers can sign up for Instant Pay and get paid up to five times a day. The payment is made to your debit card. Amazon FlexCitizenShipperDoorDashGrubhubInstacartLaserShipPostMatesRoadieShiptUberEats Take Care of People and PetsIf youre interested in caregiving, for either humans or pets, you can sign up to provide care services when youre available. Care.comRoverWag Apps for Providing Professional Services There are many apps freelancers can use to find gigs and market their professional services. As with most app-based gigs, the schedule is flexible and you can work at your convenience. The credentials you need to get hired depend on the role youre interested in. Payments are made directly and promptly by the site or a payment service, rather than the client. With most services, its easier to sign-up online and thengotothe app to find jobs. Monetize Your SkillsWith skills-based gig apps, there are opportunities to work as little or as much as youd like. You can take on side gigs or make freelancing your full-time job. Some sites like Upwork, offer different types of opportunities for gig workerswhileothers focus on a specific niche. editorris an on-demand service that hires online editors with an academic or professional background in English, journalism, copywriting, creative writing, or similar fields.Fiverris a platform for freelancers to markettheircreativeservices inmorethan200 categories. Freelancers post the services they provide and set the price for the gigs,whichbeginat$5.Jijatjo provides flexible options for hospitality workers, matching you with opportunities that match your schedule. Jijatjo offers competitive hourly rates, and pay is almost immediate (within a few hours) after you finish a shift. Thumbtackoffers professionals a way to findjobs doing almost anything. Pros post their business, and customers reach out to those they are interested in working with.Tutor to Gois an online tutoring se rvice. Professors, teachers, professionals with industry expertise provide tutoring services when they are available.Upworkis a platform for freelancers to find jobs and projects, connect with clients, and get hired quickly.Wyzantprovides one-on-one tutoring services for school and university students. There aremorethan12,000 subject areas and a stringent vetting process for applicants. Provide Health and Fitness ServicesAsartificial intelligence changes the medical landscape,there are opportunities for health care providers to practice virtual medicine, communicating with patients on a smartphone or tablet. There are also opportunities for fitness instructors to provide virtual training. For services that need hands-on care, massage therapists, for example, can deliver in-home massages arranged by the app. The application process starts online and services may be provided or arranged via the companys app. DoctorOnDemandhires employee and independent contractor physicians, psycholo gists, and psychiatrists.Teladocprovides opportunities for primary care physicians, dermatologists, and behavioral health providers who handle routine, non-emergency medical problems by video or phone.LiveKickhires personal trainers and private yoga instructors for sessions conducted over live video.Trainerize workswith personal trainerssotheycan connect with clients on the Trainerize app.Soothe isanappwheremassage therapists join the Soothe professional network to provide in-home, office, or hotel massages. Zeel isanappfordownloadwhereyoucanget approved and verified quickly. Selected candidates participate in on-boarding, then download the app and start booking massage appointments. More Ways to Boost Your Earnings These are just some of the waysyou can boost your earningpower. There are many otheroptions for side gigs, andsites you can use to find freelance opportunities.

Monday, December 16, 2019

6 Quick Resume Updates in 5 Minutes or Less

6 Quick Resume Updates in 5 Minutes or Less6 Quick Resume Updates in 5 Minutes or LessLooks do matter Your resume is your first impression on a hiring manager. An employer only spends about 10-20 seconds looking at your resume. Updating your resume is usually viewed as a long process that you put off for as long as possible. What if I told you that you can make a few quick updates to your resume, that will take 5 minutes or less? unterstellung small things that may seem insignificant, actually make a huge impact on how your resume is viewed.1. Get rid of the ObjectiveThe objective on your resume is redundant. The person reading your resume knows that the end goal of your application is to get a job. Instead, replace the objective with a summary or if you dont feel comfortable with that, skip it all together. Assuming you have a decent idea of what your target audience is looking for, you should be able to draft out a few sentences that introduce you in a way that aligns you with the type of job or industry you are looking for. This is a brief summary that shows who you are and what you offer right at the top of your resume. 2. Use a consistent fontUsing a consistent and readable font looks professional. You want to choose a font that is easy to read and is available on most computers and programs. The font size should be between 10 and 12px with the exception of your resume titles. To a hiring manager, with a huge pile of applications, a resume that is easy to read catches the eye over those that arent. They are more likely to zupflmmel up a resume with good readability than a resume that is a strain to look at and inconsistent.3. Avoid AcronymsSometimes the person doing the hiring wont be in the same industry as you. Using acronyms that are company or industry-specific can be difficult to understand. To save space you, can expand the acronym in the first use of it and shift back later. This way the recruiter or hiring manager knows what it means when reading y our resume. For example, ERP - enterprise resource planning (business management software that a company can use to store and manage data from every stage of business). Then you can shift back to ERP for any additional uses.4. Use spell checkMaybe spelling and grammar isnt your strong point. Use an app like Hemingway, Grammarly or Typely to double check your resume for any potential typos or spelling errors. A simple typo in your resume can make you seem unprofessional and uneducated to a hiring manager or recruiter. Using one of these useful tools will ensure your resume looks elegant and professional by saying goodbye to any spelling or grammatical errors on your resume5. Full disclosure is unnecessaryGet rid of things like your references, graduation year, and GPAs. You dont have a lot of time to make an impression on an employer. Wait to give references until they are requested by the employer. This allows you to give a more estimated time range to your listed references and pre vents catching them off guard or them possibly missing the call. Graduation year and GPA are irrelevant unless you are fresh out of college with no experience or are applying based on your score. This helps keep your resume clean, simple and easy to read.6. Save FormatSometimes a company will request a specific format for your resume. Its always a good idea to save your resume in a .doc format as well as PDF format. These are the most common requested resume formats and will make it simple to send it over when an employer requests a specified format. Always be sure to open and close your document in both formats a couple of times to make sure they open properly and look correct in both.Its time to fight your fears. Go ahead, turn on your computer and open up your resume file. Read over your resume and see if any of these quick 5 minute fixes, can be used on your resume. Following these basic resume rules will make an impact.